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What is the Australian Foiling Squad?

This program is designed to allow athletes the opportunity to experience world class coaching on their doorstep.

With the current Covid situation it is vital that athletes in Australia are provided with consistent, high quality coaching in order to give them the best opportunity to compete with the rest of the world.

The objective is to build a strong group of motivated IQ Foil athletes who want to train towards the Nationals, Australian Sailing Team selection, the PWA and the Olympics.

This squad is run in partnership with NSWIS sailing
programs and the proposed AS Futures program.

The program will work within and in partnership with the published AS windsurfing pathway classes. To date, this includes:

  • Junior classes (optimist / Bic / Flying Ant / 29er / School Sailing)

  • LT windsurfing (Junior and senior rig)

  • IQFoil Junior and Senior 

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 6.40.09 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 6.40.09 pm.png

What does the programme consist of:

The program is designed to prioritise time on water, with all sailing classes this is the most direct form of training and from my experience produces the best results in the long run.

In this program we offer -

  • The training plan from April – January (Nationals 2022 in WA)

  • 35 days coaching on water 

  • Individual online training plans for 4 days on the water training outside of group training – this is a personalised plan which will be tailored to each sailor - It will be up to the sailor to lead and develop this with the guidance of the coach.

  • Video analysis from external training sessions with other coaches 

  • Access to informative data analysis TruSail Telemetry and Njord Player - The combination of these programmes give us the ability to analyse real time data in relation to your sailing

  • Professional and Technical Assistance from Vaikobi 

Multi Sport Athletes 

The Athletes in this program are multi sport athletes, they participate in either;

  • Wing Foiling - The team will be competing in local and national wing foil races, Downwind races, Freestyle and Wave Competitions

  • Prone Foiling 

  • SUP Foiling

As well as competing on the windsurfer in the IQFoil Class.  

Going forward for 2022-2023 we are looking for more sailors to join the program, get in touch below.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 6.40.09 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 6.40.09 pm.png

AFS Groms (**Coming Soon**) 

Foiling is fast becoming the future of sailing. We want to help prepare future sailors and windsurfers to tackle the challenge of foiling in a safe and fun environment.

What we will teach;

  • Learn to Windsurf & Learn to WingSurf for Groms - Introducing kids to a safe and controllable option to enter foiling 

  • First flights on a foil - Understanding how to safely take off and control a foil 

  • Sustained Flights - Understanding ride height, how to control it and the skills required to do this

  • WingFoiling & WindFoiling

This courses will range all the way from Beginner through to advanced, the program is designed to lower the barriers of entry to the sport and enable more athletes to access high quality coaching

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