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The New Olympic Class for the Male and Female Windsurfer

The iQFoil concept is the fruit of many years of windsurf foiling equipment development, but developing the equipment to running a successful Olympic Campaign are two very different stories. The story of our iQFoil proposal has, above all, been one of great teamwork with a common goal of making the future of windsurfing more exciting and sustainable for the generations to come.


Wing Foiling

Wingsports (wing-surfing, wing-foiling or wing-boarding) are a new and exciting group of sports that can be practiced on land, snow and on water using a handheld wing to harness the power the wind. They’re a hybrid of many existing (water)sports, and due to this fact appeal to a wide range of people. It might look quite unusual at first but the fluidity and grace of an experienced wing-foiler is breathtaking to see. A wing which resembles a windsurf sail is handheld and used to generate power to propel a sailor standing on a board with a hydrofoil underneath. When the wing is positioned to generate power the hydrofoil “lifts” the sailor and board above the water, giving the effect of floating or flying with ‘wings’ across the water.


A modern update featuring a lightweight epoxy hull with enhanced volume, the LT delivers improved performance whilst supporting inexpensive one design racing, where the emphasis is on skill and tactics rather than equipment.


The Techno 293 Plus Class is a "one–design" class devoted to fostering the development of windsurfer racing for competitors of any age, both male and female. 

Techno 293 Plus Class equipment is inexpensive, durable and easy to use; suitable for all racing formats - course, slalom and marathon. 

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