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1. This is for windsurfers transitioning from the fin to the foil 
2. To start with we remove the sail and teach you how to foil behind a boat

3. Introduce the sail again and use the new skills you have learnt on the foil and combine them with your existing windsurfing skills

  • These sessions also cover accelerating your board handling manoeuvres e.g Foiling Gybes

  • The main emphasis of theses sessions is to build your control on the foil


This program is designed to allow athletes the opportunity to experience world class coaching on their doorstep.

With the current Covid situation it is vital that athletes in this country are provided with consistent, high quality coaching in order to give them the best opportunity to compete with the rest of the world.

In this program we offer -

  • The training plan will run April – January 2022 (nationals tbc)

  • 35 days coaching

  • Individual online training plans for 4 days on the water training outside of group training – this is a personalised plan which will be tailored to each sailor - It will be up to the sailor to lead and develop this with the guidance of the coach.

The Future of coaching 

Here at Wilson windsports we use some of the most advanced coaching tools in order to get the outcomes our Athletes deserve.

We use Trusail Telemetry to give us the facts on your windsurfing, no longer do we really on opinions and ideas of what we think is the correct direction your wind foiling should be going.

The data this provides us tells us the whole picture, every incremental change in technique and settings provides us with new data whcih we use to enhance your foiling.

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