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1. Understand the basic principles of windsurfing, including how to tack and gybe.
2. Learn how to control your windsurfer in all conditions, giving you the control you need to feel comfortable at getting in the harness and foot straps 
3. Understand the settings required to power up and depower a windsurfing sail

We teach both Private windsurfing lessons which can be 1 to 1 and group windsurfing sessions, which allow you and a group of friends to learn a new sport all at the same time!


Progress your Windsurfing

Once you have nailed the basic principles our goal is to accelerate your windsurfing progression to the next level in areas such as;  Carve Gybes, Planing Tacks, Bump and Jump.

We have fully qualified coaches and Australian Sailing Recognised Windsurfing Instructors who can provide you with the key insights to help progress your windsurfing.

We offer both Private sessions 1 to 1 as well as private group sessions which allow you and small group of individuals who are of a similar level to improve simultaneously 

Windsurfer LT Race Group Training 

Whether its your first day on a windsurfer or you are a seasoned pro we provide tailored session plans to suit a varied level of windsurfers. 


With the Windsurfer LT being the largest participated windsurfing fleet in NSW, It is one of most competitive packages on the market. 

Over the winter we aim to run these sessions once per week, weather dependent, with the goal to provide plenty of hours on the water through the colder months of the year.



1. This is for windsurfers transitioning from the fin to the foil 
2. To start with we remove the sail and teach you how to foil behind a boat

3. Introduce the sail again and use the new skills you have learnt on the foil and combine them with your existing windsurfing skills

  • These sessions also cover accelerating your board handling manoeuvres e.g Foiling Gybes

  • The main emphasis of theses sessions is to build your control on the foil

In addition to this we also IQFoil Specific training for athletes with Olympic aspirations 

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