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  • Foiling can be broken down into 2 key steps, CONTROL and FEEL with these 2 elements you will have the freedom to foil anywhere.

  • What we do is teach the core skills required to give you maximum control over your foil, we do this with the assistance of a rib.

  • We do between 1-4 hours behind the boat teaching you CONTROL!

  • With the right tools and correct instruction anyone can foil

  • To start with we will take you behind the boat to help you understand what is going on under your feet.

  • Once you have mastered the art of foiling comfortably we will teach you how you can use your body to speed you up or slow you down.



  • Once you have learnt the skills to foil behind the boat, we add the wing

  • It is important to learn how to control the power of the wing without being on a foil. To start with we will be using a large floaty SUP with the wing to help enable this.

  • We teach you the key skills in learning how to control the power of the foil;

    1.  Understanding how to take off and land safely.

    2.  Consistent flights

    3.  How to turn around, Tack and Gybe


  • Foiling opens up an abundance of manoeuvres and with time they are all easy to perform learn how to foil tack and gybe in our group sessions 

  • Take your foil to new heights by learning how to jump and land safely

  • Progress your jumping, freestyle and free-winging skills with video feedback and concise debriefs



  • Private 1 on 1, 2 hour Wing foil clinics 

  • Group Wing foil sessions held weekly

  • Private group sessions 

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